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LASIK Eye Surgery Costs in California

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The cost of LASIK vision correction in California varies depending on several factors. The main factors include laser technology (whether or not an advanced custom / wavefront treatment is utilized), flap technology (whether the flap is made with a microkeratome like the Zyoptix XP from Bausch and Lomb or a femtosecond laser like the Intralase from Intralase, Inc.), and finally, how closely involved the LASIK surgeon will be in the preoperative and postoperative care. For more information on exactly what influences the cost of LASIK in California, please see the Lasik MD website under section Lasik Costs > What influences the cost of LASIK in California?

Los Angeles and California in general has many surgeons that provide price quotes via the Lasik MD website. . For LASIK costs in Los Angeles or LASIK costs in California, please click the respective link.

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