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Epi-LASIK in Los Angeles, California

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Epi-LASIK is a form of flapless laser vision correction. Typically, an automated microkeratome with a dull "epithelial separator" is used to remove a thin layer of epithelial cells from the cornea and the laser treatment is then applied to the exposed Bowman's membrane. Epi-LASIK is shown in more detail in the Epi-LASIK section of Lasik MD.

Many surgeons believe that Epi-LASIK is a slightly safer alternative to the more common LASIK procedure, because no flap is created. However, the recovery from Epi-LASIK is longer. In previous years, Epi-LASIK and similar procedures were significantly less comfortable than LASIK, and consequently not as popular. However, recent advancements such as the use of neurontin, Lyrica or sumatriptan, along with the use of dilute anesthetic drops and topical NSAID drops such as Xibrom, have lessened the difference in comfort between Epi-LASIK and LASIK and allowed more patients to choose Epi-LASIK.

Los Angeles, California has many surgeons that provide Epi-LASIK. For Epi-LASIK in Los Angeles or Epi-LASIK in California in general, please visit the aforementioned links.

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